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Thursday, August 26, 2004

eh my fren says guys get horny when they see lesbians kiss.

that came from a 14 year old girl hahaha.. whats the world coming to? *shakes head*

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Monday, August 23, 2004

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i think you should start to shed some weight instead of shredding the guitar. your face is like soil and your body like elephant. get a life mat

see that? lol thats one of the recent posts in my old old website's guestbook.. haha aww poor him.. can't shred to save his life.. and he just have to diss me to make himself feel good.. how sad. tell me what you think bout this on tag.. he's right in some ways that i really need to lose weight.. but asking me to give up guitar to lose weight? fark off.. and the last sentence diss was an obvious jealousy.. lol.. DUDE if ur reading this.. just stop and think..

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Friday, August 20, 2004

lol .. i know ive not been blogging for past few months.. due to tight schedule and piles of work to do.. well. updates updates.. i bought a blonde stratocaster... then i scalloped the neck.. it plays well.. then i got another strat.. its a fretless axe... i also found a 21 band equalizer unit.. threw that thing into my recording chain.. so now it flows from Guitar -> BOSS Ds-1 -> EQ unit -> Soundcard. i get really cool sounds with it.. not bad at all.. today i got some bad news.. was really shocked when i received the sms from my bestest friend Boon aka Syam.. My Prayers Go Out To You Paul \m/ ... ill come and talk crap again sometime soon.. thank you to all the guys that tagged me.. still not losing hope ay lol.. thanks again guys.. appreciate it.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

i have alot of regrets in my life

i was thinking bout it just a moment ago and.. quite a number of things came up..

i believe it was just sitting there.. waiting.. and i didnt notice it or i noticed. but didnt do anything

i am a stupid asshole

i wish i could go back

i apologise to some people during the times ya know

i am a stupid asshole again

i am really

i am sorry to cause worry or disappointment to some people.. in any cases at all..

i really am a stupid asshole(x3)

i thank you all for making my life worth living for(doesnt apply to some people) hahahah

i suck

i saw malihha that day

i talked to cheena girl few days ago

i met some old mates of mine including a kindergarten classmate

i.. i.. i.. am wasting you guys's time.

cya guys..


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Thursday, May 20, 2004

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahha.. im bored.. bye

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

isn't it simple? don't bother if you don't wish for it. why do something at first and give up later on? WHY LEAD IT ON IF YOU KNOW YOU DONT FUCKING WANT IT. some people areeee damn damn weird =)

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

sometimes i wonder why people even bother to say or do some things that they don't mean to say/do. i guess it just boils down to one's mindset.. and to blame everything and anything on God? and they leave everything to God as well. it's just not right... you want something.. you need something.. you go get it. god will HELP you get it.. but not get it for you. it takes effort... when come to think about it.. thats just an excuse to dismiss something. For Example, Boy 1 ask Boy 2 if he wants to join the University. Boy 2 said "Lets leave it to God.. insyallah" . What do you see in THIS?! I'm very sure it takes effort..right? you dont club every fucking night and expect to survive in school on the next day. so what? leave it to god to let u become successful? leave it to god to put you in a University? thats totally bullshit. So let me tell you guys something.. if you do not want something.. Say NO.. i dont want it and fuck off. if you want something.. Say YES i want it.. and then you work for it. Theres No leaving to God.. YES for you preachers i know.. God have some partial input in this.. but not EVERYTHING... u dont leave it to GOD to do everything for you.. thats just stupid.. so yeah.. thats my point today.. rock on People.. for that someone : Decide wisely. And DO NOT leave everything to God. BEcause God will Never get it for you.. he will help you yes.. but not get it for you.

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